Nexon Game Cards – Buy Safely From Internet NX Cash Sellers

Ever play Maple Story..Mabinogi..Combat Arms…Audition? Need to know where to buy Nexon Cash online without worrying about scams and slow delivery? If you’re looking for some help with buying NX Cash online, please continue reading. I’ll inform you on various ways of doing so.

Maple Story in my opinion is the best MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) games I’ve ever played and continue to do so to this day. It has millions of user’s worldwide logging into their servers daily. NX cash was previously only attainable via PayPal. Players use game money that you buy with real money to improve the appearance of your in game character and obtain other various items including pets, world transfers, name changes etc.

Buying Nexon Cash had its draw backs, you could only purchase it from the official Maple Story web site, and it has its limits. Most players are only allowed $75-$150 a month, and many players in foreign countries outside of the US and Canada are not allowed to purchase NX Cash but can still play in the Maple Global servers. This is not only a hassle but also very unfair as it gives some players an advantage over others. No pets to loot your items, no 2X exp or drop cards and probably the biggest seller in the game no Gachapon tickets. Grinding away for hours on end while all your friends pass you with ease makes the game boring and creates a loss of interest. With the arrival of the MTS (Maple trading System) came even more frustration to the Maple community. Only NX Cash bought with Nexon Game Cards can be used to buy items in the new trading system. Grinding away for hours on end while all your friends pass you with ease makes the game boring and creates a loss of interest.

Finding a reliable and reputable NX Cash seller on the internet takes some work. As with anything else online you’ll find a lot of scam sites on the web, and you’ve probably come across some of these in your search. If you’ve been playing Maple since beta and have a 140+ level character like I do the last thing you want is to be hacked or key logged. You’ll lose your NX, all your mesos and equipment and all the time you spent making your character just the way you want it.

Make sure you do your research on the internet and ask friends who have bought NX online before buying. Use Google, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines to find trusted and verified Nexon Cash sellers. Right now there are only a select few that provide quality service, which my fellow guild mates and I have used. In my opinion there are only 4 that I truly trust and continue to do business with. Give the ones listed below a try and see if they can be as useful to you as they are to me. They should be fast to respond, trustworthy, and provide unused valid Nexon Cash codes. The last one is the most important as you will be buying codes digitally over the internet with no physical products, unless you choose a site which offers to ship you activated cards unscratched such as

With all of your new found knowledge on the basics of buying Nexon Cash go ahead and give it a go. Buy some NX and upgrade your characters. NX Cash works for Maple Story, Mabinogi, Audition, Combat Arms and the upcoming Sugar Rush. It can also used for Kart Rider which I’m personally waiting for to be relaunched. So how can YOU buy safely online? Remember to search search search. Find sellers and test them out. Only then can you decide which the best is for you.

Nexon Game Cards – Buy Safely From Internet NX Cash Sellers

Want to buy Nexon Game Cards? Not sure where to find honest sellers and safe sites? If you love to play Maple Story, then you’ll know that buying cash items in the Cash Shop can be more fun than ever. In this brief article, I will talk about where you can find websites to buy prepaid card codes.

Why Do You Want to Buy Nexon Cash?

You’ve probably noticed that there are already many high level players on the servers. At the time of this writing, there are some who have even reached the maximum level, which is level 200. While training at Victoria (Henesys, Ellinia, etc), you’ve also probably seen people walking around with pets (puppies, dragons, etc) and some characters with really cool hairstyles and clothing. Some even had their eye colors changed. All of these items are available at the Cash Shop, which you can enter by clicking the “Cash Shop” button at the bottom of your screen.

Finding Safe Nexon Cash Sellers Online

Finding a good, trustworthy, and fast Nexon Game Cards seller can be frustrating at first. There are a few big websites that currently sell on the internet. The problem is, who can you trust and how do you know if a particular site is not about to scam you? I know one thing — I’ve tried purchasing Maplestory Nexon Cash from eBay and I’ve been scammed. That’s one place I will never purchase Nexon Cash from again. Not only do many eBay sellers not deliver codes, sometimes you can’t even get your money back even though Paypal is usually on your side! I recommend to many of my fellow Maple Story guild mates to find a good internet Nexon Game Cards seller instead.

The First and Best Nexon Cash Seller So Far

By searching on Google, you can find some scam sites and some hack sites. Most of these have opened up recently. But ever since I began searching for Maplestory Nexon Cash back in the summer of 2007, the first ever website that started selling was But they have grown so big that they have converted to the Nexus Superstore, which you can find at the bottom of this article. I know a lot of people who only purchase from Nexus Superstore because of the great service, and they are pretty much the largest Nexon Cash seller on the internet right now. The good thing is, they only sell Maple Story prepaid game cards and, thus, that’s all they focus on, so you always tend to get fast and good reliable service. They are also run by fellow Mapler Story players, so they know the ins and outs of the game. But I haven’t purchased from them recently (I have been focusing on school lately), so I can’t say more than that.

There are many web sites that you should be aware of, especially those that sell things for many different games (such as WOW, Everquest, etc). These websites don’t really care about Maple Story and thus often give poor service. Finding a trustworthy Maplestory Nexon Cash seller may take some time, but there are good ones like the Nexus Superstore. In the end, always find out and ask your friends for reviews or if they’ve purchased from a reliable website.